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Aye Coronavirus – Go Away!

The state of Florida is now at 1467 cases of the COVID-19 also known as coronavirus. Many of my friends and family are self-quarantined in their homes to prevent the spread of this virus. I have not been self-quarantined as I have been working but after work, I do come right home. Well unless I’m trying to hunt for toilet paper that is!

Last Saturday I was on the hunt for toilet paper for two hours! I had my first COVID-19 mental breakdown because I went to over 10 stores in two days hunting for toilet paper. Not because I was trying to hoard toilet paper, but because I literally only had half a roll left. People were telling me to use paper towels or newspaper. I’m sorry, call me a Diva if you want but I want toilet paper. I don’t even buy the soft fully toilet paper I buy Publix Greenwise, the cheap stuff! I just wanted a 4 pack of toilet paper!

When I got home from running around for two hours with no luck of finding toilet paper, I literally put my purse on the counter and just started to cry. Now this may have been because I was going to get my period soon. However, I’m sure lots of people around the world are experiencing this exact same moment. We are unsure if we will have access to essentials we are used to having.

Sure, many people don’t have these items to use daily and we shouldn’t complain. Though everyone does complain about something. Whether it be the horrible meal they got at the restaurant last week, or the painful cramps we have during our period. None of us can be positive 24/7. No matter how hard we try, we can’t be.

We can all stay home and look at this self-quarantine as a fun time that we don’t have to go to work. That we can binge watch our favorite shows and eat junk food. Oh, yea the one lady at the grocery store was hoarding double stuff Oreos like she never had them in her life. From the smile on her face as she filled her cart, I would say her inner child was very happy! If those double stuff Oreos will bring you happiness during this time of sadness and anxiety, then let it!

If you want to lay in bed until noon watching Greys Anatomy eating breakfast in bed, do it! We can be a little out of our norm during this time. If you feel you are getting too depressed and need help, talk to someone, anyone! Lean on your friends and family during this time. We do not have to pretend to be the strong one. More than likely they are having a hard time too and need someone to talk to as well.

We are all unsure what the future holds for us at this point. The strange thing about this moment in life for everyone in the world right now, we are all going through the same hardship. We can all relate to each other right now. No matter what happens in the next few hours, days or months, be positive and believe we can get through this. Eat that donut, watch that favorite tv show, and take that nap. Don’t go out to that store, don’t touch your face, and don’t be in large groups. It will make a difference not in your life but in many peoples. It is your chance to make a difference in someones life.


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