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Disney World Isn’t Just for Kids!

My biggest pet peeve is when I hear Disney is just for kids. I’ve learned over the years, about 98% of people who say that are people who haven’t been to Disney. The other 2% are people who didn’t know how to properly navigate the parks and plan their trip. Yes, Magic Kingdom is geared towards the Fantasy and younger crowd. However, it has three great attractions for adults which many call the three mountains.

Magic Kingdom offers different lands for its guests to experience and explore around the park. As soon as you enter the gate you are immersed into a different era. One reason why many enjoy vacationing at Walt Disney World is because of the escape of reality. You can leave all your cares and worries behind and once you enter those gates you truly enter a different world.

  • Main Street U.S.A a look into Walt Disney’s iconic Town Center which is featured in each part, but different in its own way. The Magic Kingdom features styles based on New England and Missouri for its Town Hall and small-town vibe shops.
  • Tomorrowland is known for Space Mountain the indoor dark outer space roller coaster. My favorite thing about Tomorrowland is Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies. This is a must have stop for some delicious soft serve ice cream!
  • Fantasyland the land for the little ones or the little ones are heart. It features plenty of Meet & Greet locations to see your favorite characters, Peter Pan’s Flight, Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid and Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train. The most important of all… Cinderella’s Royal Castle! Did you know you can dine in the castle? Yes, you can! Now reservations must be made in advanced and paid in advanced because they are that hard to come by.
  • Next land, Liberty Square – It is known for the Haunted Mansion and the Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe. My tip for this area, The Sleepy Hollow Refreshments has a waffle with Nutella, berries and banana’s. AMAZING!
  • Frontierland has two great attractions, Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain. You better get a Fastpass+ for both! If you plan to do Splash Mountain, get a poncho or raincoat. You will get wet! They do hand out Ziplock bags at the attraction as Ziplock is a sponsor for the ride.
  • Last land is Adventureland! The main attraction for this land is Pirates of the Caribbean. It is a must for all! After you take your boat ride on Pirates of the Caribbean, head over to Pecos Bill for Lunch to grab some Nachos then over to Aloha Isle for some Dole Whip! You cannot leave Magic Kingdom without getting a Dole Whip.

I know many can’t afford Disney as just one ticket now is over $120 per person. That is why I’m here to offer some tips! Many ways to save or spread your money wider:

  • Get a Target Red Credit Card or Debit Card. I am against department store credit cards, so I got the Target Red Debit Card. It doesn’t check your credit and connects directly to your bank account. It saves you 5% on your purchases so you can buy Disney clothing, snacks, and souvenirs instead of buying in the park. Well at least some souvenirs, cause the park does have some awesome merchandise to buy. You can purchase Disney e-gift cards which you can save 5% on to use towards your resort stay! This is a big cost saver.
  • You can join Sam’s Club or even better COSTCO and purchase a 2- or 3-day Disney Ticket voucher at a discount!
  • Florida Resident? Take advantage of the seasonal hotel room discounts that pop up during the year that offer the Free Dining Plan with a Multi-day Ticket purchase. This really is a huge cost saver! The dining plan offers everyone staying in the room a free table service credit, quick service credit, (2) snack credits and refillable mug to use for each night of the stay. So that is (2) meals and (2) snacks per night plus unlimited non-alcoholic drinks. Included in the meals is an option of (1) alcoholic drink per adult.

I’ll do more tips and information on the other Walt Disney World Resort parks soon. Keep an eye open for more of my posts!


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  1. When I was dating my husband, we were planning a trip to Florida. When I said I wanted to go to Disney World, he said “Isn’t that just for kids?” I convinced him to go. When we got there, he was in awe. Since then, we have been back several times – before and after we had our kids. We’ve also visited Disneyland and have been on two Disney Cruises. Nothing matches the magic of Disney! It’s for everyone!


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