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The Lone Female Traveler

Have you dreamed of traveling to Egypt, Paris or Hawaii? What is your dream vacation? Why haven’t you taken your dream vacation? Like many of us we tend to wait to take our dream vacations until we find our soulmate. Why is that? Who says we can’t take our dream vacation on our own!?

The current trend is female solo traveling. I used to travel solo for work producing meetings and conventions, taking a solo vacation is totally a unique experience. While you can see breathtaking historical monuments, it can also bring confidence, independence, and strength.

Some say taking a solo trip after a break-up is just what you need to get over your ex. Others suggest when you reach a milestone in your life to celebrate with your dream solo vacation. The truth is you don’t need an excuse to take a solo trip. Take one for you, do it for you!
Imagine how liberating it will be to travel by yourself and only do what you want to see while on YOUR vacation! If your nervous about taking the leap and traveling across the ocean on your own, take a short trip to the next city over. You don’t have to travel far to experience a female solo vacation. No matter how you plan your trip you will still be able to feel confident, independent and strong.

If you are nervous about traveling alone but still want to experience a solo trip, there are female solo travel groups to see exotic destinations. I suggest looking into these groups if you are nervous about safety traveling abroad or you like to stay social. Looking for destination ideas? Instagram is the place to find recommendations female solo trips and tips from their recent trips! If you take a trip be sure to use #pinkispowerful so I can follow your journey on your female solo trip and empowerment journey.


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