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The Crazy Skin Care Routine

The other day when I was putting my eyeliner on looking in the mirror, I realized I’m starting to get wrinkles! I never use eye cream or think about wrinkles. Why do we think we will always be young and never age?

Do you put your eyeliner on the correct way? Like I also pull my eyelid to the side to make sure I get the perfect thin line. I remember 13 years ago my friend said to not do that as it causes wrinkles. I just laughed it off. Well who is laughing now, HER! Boy was she right! I also pull my lower lash line down to put my eyeliner on. I so need to stop!

Well I started to freak out about the wrinkles and did some research! Dermaplaning is the new thing to do. I was very skeptical about it. Dermaplaning is to remove the dead skin cells and facial hair also known as peach fuzz, which leaves your face very smooth. It also allows for face creams to absorb better and makeup is applied smoother to the skin. The other plus is less pimples, YES! The best advantage is that it helps clears pores, which means fewer breakouts.

While having dermaplaning performed in a professional setting such as in an esthetician office is the optimum choice, many cannot afford it. The second-best option is the Dermaflash device, this device costs $199.00 with the refills costing about $29.00-$89.00 depending on the number of refills you select. The third best option, which is what I use currently until I can purchase the Dermaflash are the Schick Silk Touch-Up Multipurpose Exfoliating Dermaplaning Tool. You can purchase them on Amazon for $6.99 for a 3pk. Currently they are on sale for $4.99! You can also buy them at Walgreens or your CVS store.

I recommend doing it every 3-4 weeks. Make sure your face is dry before doing it and hold at a 45-degree angle. Pull your skin as tight as possible which will help to avoid any cuts or irritation, as well as remove the deadest skin cells. Remember to not go over the same area twice as this will prevent redness and irritation.

Once finished I recommend cleaning with a mild toner to remove any leftover dead skin cells that may be hanging around. Next you will want to hydrate your skin! Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! Doing so will ensure the skin is smooth and it will rebuild its shine. To hydrate your skin it needs hyaluronic acid. I use Physicians Formula Skin Booster Vitamin Shot Hydrate. It’s $9.99 at Target. There are some great products you can find at Sephora, which are higher and lower in price. However, this product is great and provides me with great results.

If you plan to start dermaplaning on your own do watch some youtube videos and read how to properly do it. Being more informed and prepared before you purchase your tools will help you make the best decision for you and help you feel confident when dermaplaning. Your first time will seem scary as holding a sharp blade to your face doesn’t seem safe. Knowing how to properly hold the tool and how to maneuver it safely is key. Remember there are many different products for dermaplaning and many products to hydrate your skin. Pick the one that is best for you!


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