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Society and Beauty – Why the Stigma?

At what age did you start to get gray hair? I think each of us remembers the day we saw the first one come in. We all freaked out, and of course pull it out. Which we find out after the fact, pulling it out makes more gray hair grow. We then start adding highlights to cover up the gray, and then slowly start going lighter and lighter.

One day we will need to commit to the gray. But now I find myself asking at what age will that be? Should I have committed to the gray already at the age of 33? I mean you see some men with a full head of gray hair by 30. Why do ladies have the stigma they must cover their gray hairs?
Why are women held to such a high standard and if we don’t follow society’s standard, we are usually made fun of? It is usually the women that then make fun of other women for not following the standard and putting others down. When did this become the norm?

As a society and women, we should come together to stop this. If we want to show our gray hair growing out, then let it happen! If we want to wear no make-up, let our zit show instead of putting concealer on that day to go to the grocery store to pick up some toilet paper, we can go all natural with no make-up and a messy bun, and feel confident doing it! We are women and can do what we want. When we see other women in public and we should smile, wink, and support them.

All stigmas of women need to go away. The stigma that a tall, skinny, blonde is a bitch is far from the truth. She might have been 250 pounds and been bullied all through middle and high school and worked hard to get to her goal weight. She might be shy because she was always bullied, and her shyness is being misinterpreted as rudeness. Maybe start a conversation with her and get to know her before you judge.

Sometimes when we put our walls down and take the first step we can grow as a person while making a difference in someone’s life. While I love make-up and my hair is my life. I do love a good day without make-up and a nice high ponytail. Doesn’t it feel amazing at the end of day to just wipe off your make-up and just wash away the day? Heck Yeah!

Remember this, make-up does not hide your flaws, it enhances your perfections. You are beautiful no matter what you do. No hair color, lipstick, eye shadow, or clothing will change your natural beauty. Beauty is not defined by a look, color, body size or shape. The true definition is pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically. I have four large scars on my chest and one on my neck. When I first got them, I hid them. I wouldn’t wear tank tops and I would wear scarfs. It wasn’t even cold out! It took years to build my confidence and know that my scars were beautiful. It told a story that I was a survivor, and I was finally proud to show it off. It told a story without saying any words. When you look at my scars you know I have been through some battles and I have won. That is what my body and scars tell. They do not say I am ugly; they say I have won; I am a survivor. A Warrior.

Each of us will learn to love ourselves in our own way throughout our lifetime. It takes time for sure, and it is not easy. No one can teach you how to do it. Though how I learned was to be thankful for what I did have and to look in the mirror. Really look at yourself in the eyes and accept what you have.


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