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My Tula Skincare Routine

So recently I became a lover of the brand Tula. I did not hear much of it before I stumbled upon it on Instagram from a fellow influencer, who highly recommended its products for clear glowing skin. I researched the products and compared the products to other brands I had heard about prior to buying. Well my research showed that Tula was in fact the brand to buy!

Upon receiving my products, I fell in love! They quality of the products is top of the line from the serums to the bottle itself. I even have seen a major difference in my skin within just a few weeks!

Now I have combination skin. The tops of my cheeks near my under eye area is always dry and the sides of my chin also always dry. The t-zone always oil. Well Tula makes a product to help with oily skin and to keep your make-up from coming off during the day and your skin to have less break-outs due to oily skin. The product is #NoMakeup Cleansing Oil at $32.00. This product is a makeup remover and removes pore-clogging debris while providing hydration to the skin! You use this dry on your hands and face then remove with warm water. It leaves my face so smooth and glowing. I love coming home after a long day at work and look forward to using this product. It washes away the grime of the day!

#NoMakeup Replenishing Cleansing Oil

The next product that I use after the #NoMakeup replenishing cleaning oil is their Clear It Up – Acne Clearing + Tone Correcting Gel Toner at $36.00. I use this twice a day, I do it in the AM, put it all over my lower face avoiding my forehead in my morning. When I do it in the morning, I put it on then I start doing my eye makeup giving it time to soak in and absorb. By the time I am done with my eyes, its dry and absorbed in, and I am ready to put my primer on and foundation. In the PM when I get home, I take off my makeup I used the replenishing cleaning oil then immediately use this. I sometimes with use this again before bed for an extra cleaning for putting on my serums and moisturizers.

Acne Clearing + Tone Correcting Gel

I have not tried any serums from Tula yet. That is my next on my list. If you are looking for serums to try. Go to my other blog post of “My Crazy Skin Care Routine” to see my recommended serums!

The final product from Tula that I recommend is 24-7 moisture hydrating day & night cream at $52.00. This cream is packed with probiotics and superfoods just like the toner. It helps to nourish your skin all day and night to firm and improve your skin leaving it to look glowing! Now this cream is on the higher end, however a little bit goes a long way. I have been using it for weeks and it still looks like I just opened it yesterday and that I have not even touched it! I am sure if you bought a $12.00 bottle from Walgreens you would have to use much more and buy it more frequently.

24-7 Moisture Hydrating Day & Night Cream

Everyone always tells me my skin looks amazing, but when I take my makeup off, I can see acne marks and red spots. I have used these products for three weeks now and I have seen a great difference in my skin. To the point where I have started to use a BB Cream instead of my Clinique Foundation.

Tula does offer a discount on products if you sign up for Auto delivery. They also offer afterpay which provides a payment plan which splits your payment up into 4 payments. You can also find their products on Amazon if you are an Amazon Prime member. I did order one of my products through there because Tula was sold out and I did not want to wait! Hopefully these product recommendations will change your life, like they did mine!


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