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Amy – Empowered Woman Empowering Women

Hi there, you lovely ladies! My name is Amy! I am a Sarasota, FL native enjoying the Florida sun. If you haven’t guessed it my favorite color is PINK! I think whenever anyone sees the color pink they automatically think of a girl/woman.

BUT to me it also means strength and empowerment. When a man wears it, it means he truly is confident in himself. The man doesn’t focus on what others will say and puts his head high. When a woman wears pink she also puts her head high and her confidence is soars. That’s why I came out with Pink is Powerful.

This blog is to encourage, empower, and to provide confidence to women to be true to themselves! Believe in their heart and soul. Never to take no for an answer.

The reason I started this blog to be honest is within the last few years I experienced a lot of women not supporting one another. I’ve seen the impact it had on women. Seeing it firsthand and also experiencing firsthand were two different things. How it made an impact on me and how powerful women can be, I knew I needed to make a change. Women are stronger together! When you put someone else down you truly lose the power of being a strong woman. Us women must stick together.

I’ve had my fair share of ups-and-downs and believe me I’ve not been perfect. Though because I’ve hit rock hard bottom I’ve learned to lean on others. I’ve also learned to support everyone! I don’t mean financially; I mean emotionally and physically. Which if you can financially when someone needs it, then more power to you! BUT like Judge Judy and Judge Brown warn everyone they won’t use their tax return money to pay you back! LOL

Here’s a little overview of my up’s-and-down’s and why I’m focused on Women Empowerment and empowering others:

In 2018, I was diagnosed with a rare brain disorder called Pseduotumor Cerebri. It isn’t curable and effects my vision. At the time before I was diagnosed, I was working like crazy focusing on getting a promotion at work. One long day after work I went grocery shopping and I collapsed in the store right over my cart. This was the awakening to my life. It made me realize that work wasn’t all I needed in my life. Knowing that I could go blind any day changed my outlook. The ladies I have now in my life because of this rare brain disease are a blessing! It also made me test my relationship with friends and family. I didn’t mean to push them away but I did. They had to fight to be in my life for a period of time and I cherish them now more than ever! I will talk more about this in my blog and the everyday struggles I face and overcome.

Being a Director of Sales & Marketing in the working world can be hard. At the age of 18 I moved to Orlando, FL to work at Walt Disney World as it was my dream to become an Event Planner for Disney. Well I did it! I started the Disney College Program in 2006 and worked at the All-Star Sports and by 2007 I was the Events Intern for Magic Kingdom. I was finally a full time Event Coordinator for the Hard Tickets Events for Magic Kingdom. I’ve traveled producing events and conferences for up to 800 people to managing an Event Department for five hotels. I’ve never taken “No” for an answer. What does that mean? Well on top of having a rare brain disorder, I also have an autoimmune deficiency. Doctors told me I would never be able to go to college or hold a full-time job. Well I think I have proved them wrong, don’t ya think? I want to encourage other women to achieve their dreams just like I have! I will provide that for you! I will discuss my daily struggles and career goals just like you and how to achieve them.

I bet you are asking yourself what more will I cover on my blog? Well I’m an advocate for survivors. Survivors of rape to be exact. I was in 2007. I had always watched those Lifetime movies and thought I knew what I would do if it ever happened to me. Well until it happens to you, you have no idea. I believe by us being silent on the issue we are protecting the horrible people who are committing the crime. See what I did there? People is the key word. Men are not the only ones who commit rape. Women can too. However, men are the largest percent, but men can be raped and we as a society need to recognize that as well. On top of advocating for general Women Empowerment I will advocate for the #metoo movement.

If I reach one person a day and empower them, then I have done my job! If you want inspiration daily in your life to reach your goals, achieve success and support yourself. #selflove!

Sometimes we go through things we are afraid to share to our close friends due to being judged. I’m always here to provide that support! Reach out to me via Instagram. I might not always have the perfect answer, but I will always be here to listen and of course will never judge. If you need that encouragement before an interview or during a hard day, I’m here! That is what this blog is all about!

Topics I will Cover:

  • Women Empowerment
  • Dating
  • Travel
  • Walt Disney World – Disney College Program – Cast Member Alumni
  • Career/#Bossbabe
  • Event Planning – Holiday Planning
  • Wedding Planning Tips
  • Sarasota – Siesta Key
  • Beauty, Makeup & Hair
  • Shopping – Fashion & Plus Size Fashion
  • Dog Mom – Yorkie Mom

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