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My Tula Skincare Routine

So recently I became a lover of the brand Tula. I did not hear much of it before I stumbled upon it on Instagram from a fellow influencer, who highly recommended its products for clear glowing skin. I researched the products and compared the products to other brands I had heard about prior to buying…. Continue Reading →

Society and Beauty – Why the Stigma?

At what age did you start to get gray hair? I think each of us remembers the day we saw the first one come in. We all freaked out, and of course pull it out. Which we find out after the fact, pulling it out makes more gray hair grow. We then start adding highlights… Continue Reading →

The Crazy Skin Care Routine

The other day when I was putting my eyeliner on looking in the mirror, I realized I’m starting to get wrinkles! I never use eye cream or think about wrinkles. Why do we think we will always be young and never age? Do you put your eyeliner on the correct way? Like I also pull… Continue Reading →

The Lone Female Traveler

Have you dreamed of traveling to Egypt, Paris or Hawaii? What is your dream vacation? Why haven’t you taken your dream vacation? Like many of us we tend to wait to take our dream vacations until we find our soulmate. Why is that? Who says we can’t take our dream vacation on our own!? The… Continue Reading →

Disney World Isn’t Just for Kids!

My biggest pet peeve is when I hear Disney is just for kids. I’ve learned over the years, about 98% of people who say that are people who haven’t been to Disney. The other 2% are people who didn’t know how to properly navigate the parks and plan their trip. Yes, Magic Kingdom is geared… Continue Reading →

Aye Coronavirus – Go Away!

The state of Florida is now at 1467 cases of the COVID-19 also known as coronavirus. Many of my friends and family are self-quarantined in their homes to prevent the spread of this virus. I have not been self-quarantined as I have been working but after work, I do come right home. Well unless I’m… Continue Reading →

Our Struggles in Life Don’t Define Us

I’ve had my share of struggles in life unfortunately. I’ve had to fight hard due to the battles I’ve encountered. I want to encourage others to never take the word “No” as an answer. Women need to fight for what they want. NEVER GIVE UP!!!! Well, let me rephrase this. That ex who cheated on… Continue Reading →

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